Food Photography

Let’s discuss photographs of food.

How many times have you found yourself sitting at a stop light or lounging on your couch when your mindless observations are interrupted by a food advertisement? Almost without fail your glands kick into gear and you cannot help but think of that food item. If you are the resident fat kid, like me, you find yourself excited about it. One step further, the situation is intensified if you have had prior experience with that food item.

Many times, especially in American society, we are influenced by food advertisements. Taking photographs of food is an art form. All major food corporations employ people known as food stylists. The food stylist does nothing but make food look appealing. Along the same lines, there are certain photographers who specialize in food photography. The combination of these two professionals entice us weather we know it or not.

Of course there are principals or rules of photography that are standard when taking pictures of food. Some of the rules include:

-With backgrounds nice and simple is the way to go. Often times you will see white backgrounds. It’s the most simplistic, nothing takes away from the product, and white makes everything look good.

-When you see props in food photography, you always will see simplicity. White plates, simple flatware, everything always clean, etc. Everything will be placed on plates and flatware will be used that is one step up from ordinary.

-Always close ups! They will be using Macro photography. Macro photography is extreme close up. Here we get to see texture, details, etc.

-If there is something inside the food texture-wise, we will see it. The cakes will be cut open to reveal a layer of raspberry filling, pomegranates will show us it’s pods, and we will without fail be able to see the salt atop a margarita glass.

-ANGLES are the key. In all photography angles define the work. Yet, the rules change with food. Angles aren’t so clean cut. Dramatic, unrealistic angles are often the most interesting when viewing food photography. This gives us a psychological stimulation. I’m not kidding, when we see something ordinary from a unique view point we become more interested.
These are a few of the tricks photographers use after the food stylist has finished making the milk out of glue or the ceramic cheeseburger. Yep that’s what I said a ceramic, 5 pound cheeseburger with a white background, a cool angle and good lighting. Thanks for reading.

A bientôt

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